OKSALYS is a young, innovative brand and ambitious company set up by a team of people gathered with intention to provide you the best products for healthy lifestyle. 

We come from a small piece of Europe with outstanding natural beauties. Slovene nature inspired us to create a place as healthy as our lands are. Our strenght and advantage is in finding and recognizing the best products that can help anyone to a better, healthier life.

As you can see, at this moment, our focus is on food products – especially snacks and treats. Our offer is going to be expending constantly – also on benefits which do not include only nutrition.
Healthy products are always most welcome to enrich our offer since our biggest wish is to create a site where anyone can find something to help them reach balanced, healthier and most joyful life.

The OKSALYS team involves entrepreneurs, nutrition experts, partners from the field of food manufacturing, personal trainers, fitness professionals, sportsmen, translators and web developers. If anyone believes his ideas or products could contribute to our mission is always most welcome.

We promote healthy lifestyle based on quality nutrition, physical activity, positive thinking and care for environment and society.

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