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Meet Justine’s! Epic, protein, no gluten cookie :)

Our body uses proteins constantly… That’s why we have to fill them in with food, which contains them. The word protein comes from a Greek word »proteios«, which means »fundamentally important«.

Justine’s exceed normal nutritional requirements and quality standards. By being high in qualitative proteins (which are essential for creating new proteins in the body), fibre and calcium, they sustain your energy, satisfy your appetite, eliminate cravings and bring vitality to your body.

They are made of almonds and natural sweeteners and at the same time without fat and sugar. Products also contain extremely low amount of carbohydrates and calories. They are without chemical additives and artificial sweeteners.

Aside from their universal taste appeal, Justine’s provide a wealth of nutritional benefits that earn them high points on the health scale. They are gluten free. They are the perfect choice for people who avoid gluten, carbohydrates and sugar in their diet, for diabetics and for people who are trying to lose weight.

Our products are perfect as a meal replacer or nutrition snack between meals when you are at work or school. They are great for breakfast, for people on the go, for business people, physically active and for moms with small children. They are very handy when you are outside or in the gym during training or exercise.

Because of a high content of calcium and fibre they are also suitable for older people. Snacks are perfect for travellers on flights, cruisers, trains, etc. You can use them in each and every occasion. You simply gotta get yours!


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