Frequently asked questions

Why Oksalys?

We are offering the best with a minimum giving up from the food you really like. Here is a possibility to enjoy the sweet things without feeling guilty.

Why our products?

We are offering treats, which have been carefully selected based on their great benefits for your body and spirit.

Who are they for?

For people, who live a healthy life or for those who would want to start it. For those, who are gluten intolerant and for diabetics. For people who want to reduce sugar in their meals and of course for active people and professional sportsmen.

Where can I order the products?

In our online shop. If there are any questions about ordering, you are welcome to read through Terms and Conditions or contact us on

Who can I ask about additional information?

You are always welcome to contact us on which ever of these e-mails:

How much are delivery costs?

You can read anything about delivery (to where we deliver, costs, time of waiting) in our Terms and Conditions.

Is it possible to return the products?

Of course, you have a right to return them for which ever reasons. You can find more about this in Terms and Conditions.

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